About Michael Anthony B.


Hello fellow Blog Geeks!

My name is Michael and I would like to welcome you to my blog at BlogGeek.com!  Let me start by saying that I am extremely excited about starting this endeavor with all of you.

Let me tell you a little about myself…

I’m originally from Long Island, NY.  I graduated from college in 1995 with two degrees, one in business and one in biology.  Two degrees and I still didn’t know what direction to go in my life because I’ve always had a love of medicine as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

After graduation, I moved to Boca Raton, FL to be near my brothers and ended up working at the University as the Senior Laboratory Technician in the Chemistry department.   It was during this time of employment that I became interested in the internet and started to self-teach myself on how to build websites in my spare time.

I used to view the source code of the websites and reverse engineer the code to build my own unique sites.

I loved doing that so much that I would easily spend all my spare time learning.  I was unaware that this knowledge could lead to a career so I maintained my course for PA school.

One of my first websites was a forum-style website focused on the physician assistant profession.

The intent was to have physician assistants visit so that I could learn more about the profession.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that the website had become helpful to thousands of others who had hoped of becoming a PA!

I ended up going back to school in 2000 to become a Physician Assistant.   More debt!  The $107,000 in student debt from my college years is still haunting me to this day.

In 2003, I married the love of my life in Palm Beach, FL and we now have two children, Brooke, who is 10 and Zachary, who is 6.

Since getting married and starting work, I have been working long hours and chasing those weekends that always appeared to have ended too quickly.

Well, as I was building other websites and blogs on the side for family and friends, I did not realize how much my origianl website was growing.   The membership had slowly grown and is now over 82,000+ members without even advertising!

It was my wife who recommended I put ads on the site.

That’s when the magic started!

With monthly impressions reaching over 1.2 million per month, the revenue received was much more that I could ever have imagined.  I realized at that moment that I could do this again.  Not because I know how to build websites, but rather because of how much I love doing this.   

My current employment as a PA felt like a rat race,  I just knew that I needed to do something else to help me gain more control of my life.

That leads me to my next chapter in life, BlogGeek.com.  Being that I love building websites and blogs, I love to teach and I love to make money, building BlogGeek.com was a no-brainer.

I’m here for you.

I want to help you BUILD & CREATE awesome blogs for your readers, while also helping you achieve financial success and time freedom so that you can go live life on your own terms!

Join me on my journey and allow me to guide you along the way!

Thank you!

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